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In 2013 my life changed... I was at a party with family and I met these girls that blew my mind with what they had to say. They told me about this home in Haiti they had for boys who were left on the streets and how they took them in.


The organization was called Streethearts. Hearing this was like God talking to me through them. I decided that night I wanted to go and help these boys as much as possible. We have done fundraisers and mini markets at our house to help raise money. And now I've decided to live out my own dream and start a boutique with the help of my amazing mom. And give back a portion of my profits to the boys in Haiti. God willing of course:) 


My love for fashion has been with me since I was little. Thanks to my mom I had every color tutu you could think of growing up and now every color of tennis skirt. Me and my mom are constantly keeping up with trends and shopping for the best finds. So to say... I love shopping and keeping up with the latest trends of fashion. I hope to express my love for fashion on this online boutique and keep you updated on the latest trends. And to show my love for Christ as well:)

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