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February Verse (2022)

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

The book of Jude is an amazing and short book. It speaks of the Judgement day and what’s to be expected… it says we will be convicted of every sin. But we should be living a life to glorify God… and the sins we do make we should learn and continue to grow from them everyday.

At the end of Jude it reminds us to remain Faithful and surround ourselves with faithful peers. To hold each other accountable and treat everyone as equals. So that when Judgement day comes we won’t have to explain too much to God, because we lived a faithful life. And in hopes that you and your faithful peers can party it up in heaven;) Of course we are human and will sin, but how we react after the sin is important. Will we repent and ask for forgiveness or continue to live in that sin daily?

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