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April Verse (2021)

The first words spoken by Jesus after being crucified on the cross.


Even in his time of pain and suffer He only thought of us and how He was going to save us.

He cried out to God and asked Him to forgive even the soldiers who did this to Him. Because in that moment if they hadn't realize then, He knew in time they would realize and He wanted to forgive them too.

He continues to think of you and the ways He can help save you everyday. And He gave us "rules" not to control us, but help us live a happy life and not get hurt. God gives us free will, but He hopes we choose our choices wisely or ask for His guidance. He hopes that by giving us free will we can truly learn to Love Him and trust Him.

So ask for His forgiveness and accept His love. Because He has more to offer then this world could possibly give you.

~Hope :)

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