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December verse (2020)

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

It's so crazy to me that so long ago an angel came down to Marry and Joseph and asked them to have a baby that would change the world. At the time I can't even imagine what they were feeling or thinking. Excitement, fear, hope...probably everything.

But they definitely had faith in God, because they gave birth to the Messiah. The one who forgave us from all our sins, the only perfect man to walk this earth, the truest representation of the Lord Almighty.

And he didn't have it easy... he went through every emotion and heartbreak that a normal person would. He was tempted at times and he still refused. He felt the pain we have felt from losing loved ones. He was just as human as us, but not at the same time. Because he didn't fall for the selfish worldly things like we do, He was perfect.

He spread the word of His almighty Father, then died on the cross to save us from ours sins. Because Jesus LOVES us.

He loves us so much He wanted to go through everything we do, He wanted to understand our feelings. He wanted us to be so happy, that He died for us. He accepts each and every single person, no matter how imperfect we are. Because He was perfect so we wouldn't have to be.

But He does want us to try, He wants us to love others, He wants us to try and push away temptation, He wants us to live a Christ like life and make God known.

So as we celebrate His birth and open gifts with loved ones. We need to remember the real reason of Christmas... It's a day of joy, hope, and celebration of our amazing God.


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Patty Stoll
Patty Stoll

I was just talking to Alex about how we are imperfect people, sinners...but God! He loves us and gave us Jesus Christ, through Him we find forgiveness, and the Holy Spirit to guide us through this life. Merry Christmas!

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