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January verse (2021)

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I wanted to continue with last months verse and talk about temptation... something that is so real and can be so hard to overcome.

We give into as humans because it’s easy or “fulfilling”. It’s hard to resist something you truly think you desire. I say you think, because if you knew what Jesus had for us, you wouldn’t care for that temptation. Or things that give you temporarily happiness. The love of God is real joy and fulfillment. The only real happiness in this world.

Jesus was even tempted, He was offered the world and all it’s sinfulness. The devil tried so hard to get Jesus to worship him, but Jesus never gave in. He knew His purpose in this world and trusted God. He knew the laws of God and knew He couldn’t worship anyone else. So He refused the devils offer, He never hesitated. He wanted more than what the world and devil had to offer Him. He wanted real JOY, only given by God.

So going into the new year, we like to say we have a “fresh start" in a way. So why not use it and plan to live a more Christ like life. Stop living for the world and all it’s temporary desire. Plan to live a life of joy and fulfillment with God and others. Seek out the wisdom of God and make him known. This past year has already taken so much for some of us, so why not giving yourselves some real joy.


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