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July Verse (2021)

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition... value others above yourself."

-Philippians 2:3-4

October 2020 And a little Hope, LLC was launched. Hope started with pop ups and online sales. More pop ups to meet great people and connect with other vendors. Our family hosted vendor events and markets at our home. The boutique promoted ourselves and other vendors on social media. Always remembering our bible verse, Phil 2:3-4. Be humble and help others.

Through the different events, Hope was finding people wanted a location to visit. This was not in her plan yet as she was finishing high school. In April 2021 Hope was looking at locations with her Mom, Michelle, to see what the prices and locations were. This would give her an idea to start planning for the future… After visiting some areas that were not a good fit, too expensive or too far away, they stopped at the old building to see what it was about. After making a phone call and meeting the owner on the site, Hope fell in love with the location. The family history and original “backbone” of the shop was a dream. The location was being held for another client and we were on hold. This is when we knew we had to give this decision to God. If it was His plan, then it was a good plan. If it was not in His plans, then this opportunity would pass us up. After praying and saying it should be “Your will God”, we received a call on 23 of 4th month that we were accepted for the location. Excited and ready to move forward, we signed our lease for the boutique at the address of 2314 N. Main St., Pearland, Texas. The address was another clue that this was God’s plan. Take the “1” and turn it sideways and you have the original bible verse Hope launched her business and way of facing the world. Phil 2:3-4

We started finalizing details in the boutique and wanted to get a bible verse for lemons. Hope had originally picked the design because her favorite drink is Chick-fil-A diet lemonade. Google “lemons in the bible” and found it means “hope”. This just verifies that God has a hand in our future from the very beginning.

And a little Hope Boutique opened on June 19, 2021 a day before Father’s Day and is closed on Sunday and Monday to honor God’s time.Keep praying, let God be in control and follow His path

-Michelle Huber:)

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