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November verse (2020)

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Something as simple as your thoughts are known by God.

And I’ve realized that thoughts make a big impact on how people act. If someone over thinks something like temptation they will usually ending up giving into to it. Or if they over think an argument with someone, they can make it out in their head to be something that’s bigger then what is it.

But if you sit there and focus your mind on what God would want you to do in that moment, you might change what you would do. Like what would God want you to say to them or what would God want you to do instead of giving into temptation. God wants only whats good for you and I. He wants us to not only act like followers of Christ, but also to speak, think, and love like followers of Christ.

In the verse it says “Don’t copy the behavior of this world”. Paul is telling you right there in his words that following the world is not going to please you or give you peace. But living for God is good and pleasing and perfect.

~Hope :)

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